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For over a decade, INSEAD has been involved in the design, publication and dissemination of global composite indices, in collaboration with prestigious partners such as the World Economic Forum, the World Bank, the World Intellectual Property Organization, the Confederation of Indian Industries, and more recently Cornell University and the Human Capital Leadership Institute of Singapore. Large global companies have also been part of this effort, including Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Intel, Booz and Co, and more recently Huawei, Du and Adecco.

These global indices have several points in common:

  • they rely on a rigorous methodology embedded in a robust model
  • they include a large number of variables, providing a multi-facetted vision of the phenomena they describe
  • they offer a wide geographical coverage, equivalent to over 90 per cent of the world population
  • they are published annually as part of a report that includes state-of-the-art insights and analyses of issues related to each index
  • they are disseminated through a series of high-level events in various parts of the world, generating significant coverage in the press, the media and social networks and
  • they involve strong multi-year partnerships with public and private key players such as the ones named above

The Network Readiness Index, focused on global information technology and in existence since 2001, and the Global Innovation Index, first issued in 2007, have both gained the status of recognized international benchmarks in their respective fields. The third one, the Global Talent Competitiveness Index is launched on 26 November 2013.

Although these indices attract worldwide attention through their annual rankings of countries, their common objective is to be used as policy instruments and practical tools to enhance the quality and impact of private and public decisions in the vital and interconnected fields of technology, innovation and human resources.